MKB – 13th May – Trip Report

We have two reports! First from Roger Sharp (FishabilityUK) and Second from Alwyn Royans (Angling Chance Fishing Coaching)

MBK May 008 (1024x768)

Roger: “Being as it was a Weekday event I was surprised and very pleased to have eleven anglers turning up for MBKs coloured ponds, near Rake.

I always try to get to the locations in plenty of time to get the tea and breakfast rolls ready for arrival of the budding anglers and every time I’m beaten by Dog and his passengers. This time he’s even set up and fishing when I get there. Bless him.

MBK May 021 (1024x768)

Couple of new faces joined in on the day, Kevin and Spike who were warmly welcomed by everyone.

Breakfast Hotdogs forced down the throats spurred on by seeing Dog starting to land a few fish and suddenly they were all gone, looking for a good spot and getting set up in anticipation of a splendid days fishing.

MBK May 018 (1024x768)

Assisted by Rocky and Alwyn very soon everybody had a line in the water and the fish started to come out. They soon realised not to take their eyes of their rods for even a split second, and bait runners or loose spools was the only way of guaranteeing  your rod wasn’t going in for a swim.

MBK May 006 (1024x768)

The fish came out thick and fast, with Martha catching her first ever carp leading to Congratulations being shouted from every corner of the lake. Dog even managed to catch on a bare hook. We estimated 60+ carp came out during the day with a good mix of other fish to keep all entertained.

MBK May 031 (1024x768)

Lunch consisted of a chicken Curry with Nans and all the condiments washed down with plenty of tea and followed by the now mandatory coffee cake.

We always have a good trip when we go to MBK Leisure. Many Thanks to Kenny & Kendra cannot wait for the next visit.”

Alwyn: “I was fortunate recently, to receive an email from Roger Sharp from FISHABILITY UK  – a fantastic charity who provide fishing experiences for ex-forces personnel who are receiving physical or psychological rehabilitation.  Asked if I could help out at MBK Leisure’s “Coloured Ponds” in Rake, West Sussex, having been there the previous year, I couldn’t wait to go back!

Arriving a little after 8am, I found Roger duly slaving over the stove of his campervan preparing a Hot Dog breakfast and, talking of “Dogs” the man himself already set up in the near corner of pond number 4 and catching.

MBK May 027 (1024x768)

It was great to see the lads again and this year there was a few new faces including Martha who as the day progressed became more and more proficient with a waggler set up eventually landing her first ever carp!

Most of the group who attended are, it is fair to say, very very capable anglers and needed no intervention from me but it was nice to point a couple in the right direction and great to see Spike’s face when he caught HIS first carp! 

Lunch came around very quickly and Roger had pulled out all the stops as per usual with a lovely curry, naan and poppadum’s which, went down very nicely thank you.

MBK May 030 (1024x768) - Copy

The fish switched on in the afternoon and most if not all were soon bent into carp, some caught literally under their feet.  Pleasingly, by the end of the day, lots had been caught from all areas of the lake and by a variety of differing tactics and baits.  Bill certainly found a winning formula using 10mm Marukyu JPZ soft pellets combined with a method feeder and was getting bites within seconds of his feeder hitting the bottom.

Thanks to ALL who made me feel welcome.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at Coloured Ponds.  Hopefully I was able to be of some benefit to a few who attended and hopefully, I will get the invite again next year!”

Best wishes.

Alwyn Royans

Angling Chance Fishing Coaching







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