How can you help?

  • Well, firstly, a landowner or perhaps a business, may be able to offer a fishing lake for the day, or a beat on a stretch of river, creating the seclusion.
  • An angler can offer some instruction or guiding capacity. Skills can be taught, or existing knowledge can be advanced! Regular anglers on a fishery can also consider donating a fish or two to catch, providing ‘the bag’ for the day.
  • Some tackle that is currently sitting idly in a cupboard could now be resurrected and given a new lease of life by passing it on to someone who could really use it!
  • Pledge some catering for the day:
  • Pledge a donation, to cover other expenses including transportation, protective clothing and safety equipment, or help with the administration side such as setting up and running a website.
  • Become a volunteer and help to raise funds!

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