How can you help?

  • Well, firstly, a landowner or perhaps a business, may be able to offer a fishing lake for the day, or a beat on a stretch of river, creating the seclusion.
  • An angler can offer some instruction or guiding capacity. Skills can be taught, or existing knowledge can be advanced! Regular anglers on a fishery can also consider donating a fish or two to catch, providing ‘the bag’ for the day.
  • Some tackle that is currently sitting idly in a cupboard could now be resurrected and given a new lease of life by passing it on to someone who could really use it!
  • Pledge some catering for the day:
  • Pledge a donation, to cover other expenses including transportation, protective clothing and safety equipment, or help with the administration side such as setting up and running a website.
  • Become a volunteer and help to raise funds!

You can send us a cheque payable to Fishability UK to:

Tony Hern
Game Fishing Co-Ordinator Fishability UK
Warren Leigh,  Weston Yard
Albury, Guildford
Surrey GU5 9AF

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10 responses to “Donate

  1. Hi,

    My Dad was a keen angler for well as long as I can remember.
    He passed away recently and left his beloved rods, poles , reels, floats, keep nets etc and tackle box.
    He bought good quality fishing equipment and if you like, I’m happy to donate it all to this wonderful cause.
    I live in Cheshire though………

  2. I have a quantity of fishing tackle not being used and ready as a donation: Rods, reels, landing nets, umbrella, rod holdall and bags, tackle boxes, bank sticks plus many small items i.e floats, hooks, feeders, weights etc. Hope someone is interested, if so let me know.

  3. Hi I live in Farnham, moving next month to Cambridge, on the river Nene, already purchasing boat, I have good quality carp trolley, rods, reels, bits and pieces of kit if they are any good for the charity, I can deliver no problem

  4. Leonard Riding

    I can donate 2 fishing tackle boxes and a rod holdall I no longer use. They are well used but perfectly ok. One box is aluminium with a draw system , the other is a standard fibreglass tackle box.
    I live near Ormskirk in Lancashire. If they are of any use to you please let me know. The problem is collection.

  5. Stewart Remington

    Dear Tony,

    I’ve been going through some of my tackle and I have Sundridge one man Double Dome. That I no longer use. It’s about 14 years old. Very good condition but due to modern bivvy I don’t use it! It feels stupid to take it to tip when someone might find it useful!

    Would this be of use?

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