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Roger Sharp
Coarse Fishing Co-Ordinator Fishability UK
[email protected]
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8 responses to “Contact

  1. I have an amount of coarse fishing equipment I would like to donate to you. I have recently become disabled over the last 4 years and find I now have a lot more equipment than I use. Still get out fishing because I have a very helpful family. Hope you can use this equipment.

  2. Hello,
    I am making contact to enquire whether you can give me some advice.
    I live in the northwest and have been having a clear out! I have come across angling items that I used over 25 years ago when I used to go match fishing. There are floats, reels, rods, poles,etc. they will need a good tidy and clean as they have been in my garage for all this time.
    Do you know of any local charity or group that would be interested in them? Obviously I would be donating them and would not be seeking payment.
    Mrs Joan Elliott

  3. kevin pollard

    I am a soldier at present transitioning through a medical discharge. I am a very keen beach/shore angler, however have not been able to go fishing since March last year. I suffer from PTSD and also suffer from Osteoarthritis. Are there any shore trips coming up soon?

    • Hi Kevin. Let us know when you get discharged, also of PTSD treatment (via Combat Stress perhaps) and we can plug you into some activities. If I know you want to go shore fshing, then we can organise something suitable. Rgds Tony.

  4. kevin pollard

    I am off work now and have been since October last year, do I have to be out to use the fishability services?

  5. Gill Streeter

    we have some sea fishing rods, reels @ equipment which we are trying to find a home for. Is this something we could donate?

    thanks & regards,
    Gill 07450 264 237

    • Hi Gill, has anyone responded to you yet as I have been away for a fortnight break. If not we are most definatly interested in sea fishing tackle something we are in short supply of. Please contact me direct on [email protected].
      Roger Sharp.