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Event Reports

Gravel pit Pike Fishing. 24th Jan 2015

Touch and go if the event would go ahead due to ice forming on the lakes, however milder weather and a bit of drizzle Friday night melted it away so access all areas by the time we got there Saturday morning.
Six turned up to fish on what turned out to be a sunny but cold and dry day. Any action seemed to be to those that were spinning with Frank landing the heaviest at a respectable 15lb followed by Bones at 11lb.
It wasn’t until the very last knockings that Pete the Painter manage to bank his Pike on dead bait from the main lake his first ever fish caught from these waters. Well done Pete your patience paid off.

Linear Lakes, Oxford.

Richworth Linear fishery Braisenose 2

Carpin for Heroes weekend, Linford lakes

Wow what a trip out we had on the carpin for heroes weekend at Linford Lakes.
From the second we turned up early on the Friday morning to leaving at lunch time on the Sunday we were made to feel so very welcome as their guests. (One hundred other anglers who come together once a year to raise money for Help4 Hero’s)

Mike Madeley (Vardis tackle consultant) had agreed to be our point of contact so after the initial introductions, several cups of tea and a breakfast he escorted us to the Pines Lake on the complex which was to be our home for the duration.
Having been told before arrival that the lake held several 30lb plus carp we were all buzzing on the short drive from the club house to Pines. Arriving at the lake it looked so pretty a few ripples and grass banks, a chuck of only 40m would land you on the far side bank and of course for a change wall to wall sunshine which at times was just a bit too hot.

DSC00239 (1024x768)
We stood there in amazement for the water was black with some monster carp cruising around. You could have walked to the other side of the lake on their backs at times (OK slight exaggeration). In anticipation of a bit of action the bivvies were quickly chucked up so lines and baits could be got into the water ASAP.
After several hours it became apparent that the carp would not take bait for love nor money possibly due to the heat so a few of us spurred on by Franks success with maggots chose to stick on floats and hammer the Perch and Roach that were in abundance. Some cracking fish came out before it was time to head off back to the club house for a free hog roast and very nice it was.
Those that wanted could have stayed on for several talks and an auction that was to help with the raising of funds but as the Sun was going down we wanted to get the rods set up ready for the night. Whether it was the heat or they were spawning the carp didn’t materialise for us that night if my memory serves me right. Maybe Dog had one that night I cannot honestly remember.
The next morning we got introduced to Steve (the carp catcher) what a character he was who bonded with us instantly and a 30 minute introduction to rig tying turned into two hours before he was summoned away for an interview. Having left us all with his special rigs and baits we were on a new high. Still too hot to fish for the Carp we carried on with the mission of banging out the roach and perch before being requested at the tackle show. Escorted by Mike Madeley we were introduced to each stall and its owners. Feeling like celebrities it soon became apparent that two arms was not going to be enough to hold all the freebies that were coming the lads way so several trips to the cars were required.

So generous.


With Steve’s rigs attached to everyone’s lines and ready to launch we went back to our lake and banged them out for the night. Things felt slightly different tonight. It hadn’t been quite so hot today and there was less fish showing on the surface with a nice breeze blowing across the lake. Dog had landed his first carp during day light after a good scrap. Alan left his bivvie at 90mph in the middle of the night on hearing his alarms screaming slid on the wet grass whilst grabbing his rod to strike ended up on his arse snapped his line and proceeded thrashing the water with his rod whilst shouting something I’ll not repeat. We all retired again to our sleeping bags and left him licking his wounds and rubbing his bottom. Several of us had indications to full blown runs throughout the night but remained unable to bank anything apart from dog who manages his second Carp and a small Tench for me. This is pretty much the final score apart from several hundred pounds of mixed silvers we all managed to catch.
Sunday saw us starting to pack up about 10:30 for the presentation at lunch time where Dog was awarded his certificate. We were then asked to judge as a group who should win the award for the prettiest fish caught over the weekend. After much deliberation and several recalls the decision was made. DSC00201 (1024x768)

DSC00204 (1024x768)

After a bit more chatting on the terrace the organisers came over and said we have been given an open invite for next year and can bring a larger group so keep your diaries clear this really was a brilliant social and we have made some amazing new contacts and friends. We have been helpless many times during the trip with laughter and rather than complain about the noise everyone just came over and joined in. Have had some really nice comments made on several Facebook pages and a call from the organisers today to let me know how much they enjoyed having us there.

DSC00194 (1024x768)   

MBK venues have provided us with some good fishing in the past so as I arrived at Barons Pond with the weather forecast looking good I was sure everybody would be in for a good day.
0700 hrs I thought I was early but a few veterans( Dog &Alan) were already here had their lines wet, by 0800 hrs time for a well needed brew & hotdog thanks to Roger ,time to talk tactics , well some tactics and a lot banter!
The fish seem to come in rapid succession for Dog from small roach to nice size carp
in total 50 + for Dog
Mean while the rest of the Veterans were all catching as well , again a mixed bag for most, although a few were just targeting carp (Bones, Stuart,) Frank with a fine specimen.
The morning soon gave way to lunch as Roger conjured up a most welcome stew , washed down by plenty of brews and banter, and cake!
After lunch the action continued with some nice size Carp taken by Bones + Stewart(pics below). Again the MBK venues have proved success again for everyone , lets not forget the monster Carp that nearly pulled Fred in the water!!!! Well ok it was a couple of pounds but caught him off guard no harm done and like everyone all had a great day . As afternoon drifted in to evening and most started to pack up, a few stayed on to fish into dusk to try lure some more big carp .On reflection the weather had been good and the venue had produced a great mixed bag for everyone, the food excellent as always thanks to Roger, agreat day was had by all and look forward to a return visit !

Nice catch Stuart and Bones!

Thorney Weir and the Met’s

Thorney weir 004 (1024x709)Although the weather was kind to us on the day the cold snap several days prior meant the fish didn’t want to play, with everyone giving up by dinner time. The lure of food and a warm fire was sufficient to see us through the afternoon until dusk came and it was time to pack up.

07.12.13 – River Itchen, Winchester – Grayling Fishing on Nymph and Dry

What a delight to be traveling back down to Winchester for our December fly trip. A kind invitation to fish just south of the city on some beautiful grayling water, that also yields up some high quality brownie sport through the summer.

For December, we were blessed with southwesterlies and cloud, so the 12c temperatures were great for the time of year, and we got hatches from mid-morning onwards.


Itchen mainstream, grayling rising steadily along here


We set up the catering corps on the roadbridge, whereupon bacon rolls briefing took place. Ian McKenzie had kindly donated some special flies for us, with a few more ideas coming from the guides with us on the day.

The river was in fine conditon, running clear, and plenty of grayling showing and feeding. Through the day, we also saw a number of browns, one sea trout was returned, and several salmon were jumping too.


Alan Walker tries an upstream nymph on a fast stretch

Spotting fish moving in a fast clear stream, with not a huge amount of depth called for two approaches. Dries, casting to rising fish, maybe making fish come up to take the fly,or perhaps more reliablly, probing the depths with a weighted nymph. To hold a fly in this current, a tungsten headed pattern is perfect, or, plenty of turns of lead incorporated into your favoured dressing. The smaller the fly, the more likely you are to get a response! For those confident enough not to get casting glitches with a team, then a dropper was the order of the day; otherwise, a single fly worked through the current was applied.

Lunch was sumptuous, Steve supplied a fine curry, whilst hot dogs were on hand for the less brave.


John Hayman slid two browns like this back, both to egg fly, see nymph pic.

James Cole,  a member of the water appeared during afternoon fishing, and gave great assistance with spotting fish and some casting help, pleased to be able to help our cause on the day, once fortified with a helping of curry!

DSCN0512 - Copy

Nymphs L-R: Dian’s Favourite; Egg Fly; Tungsten Head Hare’s Ear


DSCN0515 - Copy

Dries L-R: – Red Tag; Terry’s Terror

Light fades quickly at this time of year, and by 16.30, we could hardly see a thing, but all agreed it had been a cracking day out in  great company, in such a beautiful part of the country.

For January, we have three spaces to fill on another Itchen trip, this time to the Fulling Mill stretch at Kingsworthy. RSVP to Tony plz. Happy Christmas everybody!


Wylye – 26 October 2013

Wylye 2013 003 (1024x768) Wylye 2013 007 (1024x768) Wylye 2013 020 (1024x768) Wylye 2013 019 (1024x768) Wylye 2013 017 Wylye 2013 028 Wylye 2013 016Much water has passed under a lot of bridges since I ended my uniformed service, both army then police, and I had forgotten how much I missed the banter that only members of a uniformed, disciplined service can share.

When I was asked by Roger Sharp, as a professional angling coach, if I would give a day of my time to join a group of ex servicemen fishing the river Wylye, I nearly took his arm off!

However it was my first experience of this sort of day so I arrived at the venue with some trepidation, not knowing what was expected of me by Roger or how the ex service men would react to a stranger, especially one who was “supposed to know it all”. I needn’t have worried on either count, Roger gave me my head and suggested I played it by ear and I soon felt like the lads and I had all served together, although the age difference would suggest otherwise.

The welcome from the members of The Wilton Fly Fishing Club who also gave up their Saturday was equally warm and soon we became just another group of anglers bonded by our common enthusiasm for the sport. And what sport!

The river Wylye which The Wilton Fly Fishing Club had shared with us for the day was all that I had hoped for being both picturesque and full of hard fighting grayling and I was very privileged to be able to share, with some of the lads, their first fish of that species. The members all worked tirelessly all day to ensure that their guests got the full benefit from their wonderful river by pointing out the best stretches and tactics. This ensured that I had a pretty easy day as a coach and was able to take full advantage of the company of a group of great people.

Martin Porter

MKB – 13th May – Trip Report

We have two reports! First from Roger Sharp (FishabilityUK) and Second from Alwyn Royans (Angling Chance Fishing Coaching)

MBK May 008 (1024x768)

Roger: “Being as it was a Weekday event I was surprised and very pleased to have eleven anglers turning up for MBKs coloured ponds, near Rake.

I always try to get to the locations in plenty of time to get the tea and breakfast rolls ready for arrival of the budding anglers and every time I’m beaten by Dog and his passengers. This time he’s even set up and fishing when I get there. Bless him. Continue reading

Thorpe Park Pike 27/04/2013 – Trip Report

A Rocky report:

“As always I arrive at the Thorpe Park venue with an air of anticipation, who knows what lies in these waters and surely one of the veterans will land one of the elusive seen but never caught carp!

Thorpe park pike 013 (800x600)

08:30, Roger has filled the hot water urns to keep the all important brews flowing all day, and the bacon is on. The veterans start to turn up, and after a mighty bacon butty and a brew, the Anglers familiar with the venue start to choose their swims and get their lines wet. Newcomers Chris and Martha who were soon kitted out and given some guidance were not far behind, some fishing for the elusive carp, others dead baiting and lure fishing for pike.

The weather looked promising, but as always it was a mixed bag, of warm sunshine, cold winds and yes hailstones, but nothing dampens the spirits of these veterans! Continue reading

Reservoir Trouting at Farmoor – 13.04.13

The April fly trip for Fishability UK took us up the M40 to Farmoor reservoirs, run by Thames Water, 5 miles west of Oxford.

We had been hoping for some warmer springlike weather during April, and as it transpired, this was the last cold day of winter, seen out by a warm front coming up from the south giving us a rainy conclusion to today’s proceedings.

The day was very kindly sponsored by Rohde and Schwarz Ltd of Fleet, Hants, who supply electronics to (amongst others) the Ministry of Defence, working particularly closely with the RAF, who kindly contributed the guiding pool from local Brize Norton and the Greylags flyfishing team.

A hearty breakfast bap greeted all participants in the Sailing Club, and after a briefing from Phil Gilham, and a splash of kit from Wychwood and the rangers, we headed for the water.

Farmoor is a concrete bowl, quite deep, and with this year’s very cold water, the fish were intent on staying well down in the water. The persistent easterly of recent weeks has kept the lower clayey depths agitated with bloodworm coming off the floor, and plenty for the fish to feed on. Hi-D lines were the most reliable, with boats anchoring up for best effect.

Hatches of small black buzzer kept going all day in 10-12c but painfully few fish ventured through to the surface to take advantage. Boats found it tough going, whilst bank anglers probably fared a little better, but generally fish were hard to come by. I think we mustered 10 fish from assembled guides and veterans, mostly before a sumptuous buffet lunch superbly laid on by Gill in the canteen. Weather deteriorated after scoff, the wind increased, and by 5pm and cakes, it was time to award prizes, take some team pics and head off.

Sincere thanks to Phil Gilham and his team of excellent guides, Thames Water and their staff for being most accomodating on a brilliant day out, and for the guides coming up from the Surrey area to help out too.

Achievements today – nice 5 pounder for Paul Daglish, and also, an excellent brace for Alan Auckland, who hadn’t cast a fly line until January this year.

Next up for Fishability UKfly anglers:

Sat 18th May – Fly Casting and Fly Dressing Workshop – Tyrwhitt House GU22 0BX

Mon 3rd June – Tying and Fishing the Mayfly – Vale End, Albury GU5 9BE – from 5pm