MBK venues have provided us with some good fishing in the past so as I arrived at Barons Pond with the weather forecast looking good I was sure everybody would be in for a good day.
0700 hrs I thought I was early but a few veterans( Dog &Alan) were already here had their lines wet, by 0800 hrs time for a well needed brew & hotdog thanks to Roger ,time to talk tactics , well some tactics and a lot banter!
The fish seem to come in rapid succession for Dog from small roach to nice size carp
in total 50 + for Dog
Mean while the rest of the Veterans were all catching as well , again a mixed bag for most, although a few were just targeting carp (Bones, Stuart,) Frank with a fine specimen.
The morning soon gave way to lunch as Roger conjured up a most welcome stew , washed down by plenty of brews and banter, and cake!
After lunch the action continued with some nice size Carp taken by Bones + Stewart(pics below). Again the MBK venues have proved success again for everyone , lets not forget the monster Carp that nearly pulled Fred in the water!!!! Well ok it was a couple of pounds but caught him off guard no harm done and like everyone all had a great day . As afternoon drifted in to evening and most started to pack up, a few stayed on to fish into dusk to try lure some more big carp .On reflection the weather had been good and the venue had produced a great mixed bag for everyone, the food excellent as always thanks to Roger, agreat day was had by all and look forward to a return visit !

Nice catch Stuart and Bones!

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