Fishability UK


Fishability UK exists solely for you and other ex-forces personnel from the South and South East of England, who have either physical or psychological wounds. We use fishing as a means to support  all ex-forces personnel, who might be finding difficulty adjusting back into mainstream activities or who just want to get out for a chat and a cup of tea with the lads.  Fishing with us will encourage you to get out into the countryside regularly and to meet up with other local ex- service personnel in a safe, supportive and very welcoming environment.

We will take you in small groups to some wonderful lakes and rivers for a day or even a weekends fully supervised fishing and get the resulting therapeutic benefits gained by being at the water’s edge.  To be able to feel safe with people who have found themselves in the same situation and who will understand and be tolerant of your problems allows you to completely relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, absorb everything the countryside has to offer and just forget for a while about the everyday problems you may have.

As our guest, if necessary, you will be taught how to fish at the event (Fly, Coarse or Sea) and are then supplied with tackle to use on the day which has been kindly donated by local anglers and businesses. If you own your own tackle and do not require tuition then you will be free to do your own thing knowing help is at hand should you require it? A hot meal and drinks will be available at the event and the day is provided completely free of charge.

7 responses to “Fishability UK

  1. What a great idea. Joined the trip to Bewl yesterday and had a very enjoyable time with some great people. Having always valued fishing as a very effective way to unwind, to appreciate how good life can be, I can see how Fishability can help anyone step out from under the cloud and into the sunshine.
    Best wishes to all involved.

  2. steve parsons

    thanks to tony and roger for a brilliant day,s trout fishing at albury park today ,it was great to see all the guy,s as well ,and thankyou to all the coaches ,for giving us there time and support ,and for the great spread of food ,I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time ,thanks guy,s best regards steve p

    • Inspite of what the weather could throw at us, it turned out to be a terrific fishing day Steve, glad you enjoyed it. See you next time. Rgds Tony.

  3. Thanks to Tony and the lads for all their help with the bank maintenance down on the Tillingbourne at the weekend. A really great bunch of blokes, and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. I look forward to seeing them all there again next year when the trout season opens (but with their rods, rather than saws and shovels).
    Best regards, Rob.

  4. To echo Rob’s (aka “Masterchef”) comments, many thanks to all the guys who came and restored some bank, strimmed, trimmed etc on the Tillingbourne. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Look forward to seeing you in the spring and see if anyone can rise to the challenge of catching a fish off “your” bit of bank. The prize for any non-drinkers is not agreed and open to further discussion.
    All the best, Mike

  5. Hi Tony,
    What a lovely days fishing at Newdegate and it was good to see
    our friends from the forces veterans. I hope they enjoyed as well.
    I look forward to your next event ( keep me posted)
    Thanks for the refreshment.Well served up by Ian.
    Best wishes
    Dave Smith

    • Hi Dave
      The guys thoroughly enjoyed their evening at Centre Lake, Newdigate, thanks to the great support from Dorking FF and looking forward to seeing you on the bank again soon.
      Rgds, Tony.